Manifestations of viral fever in adults and effective treatment

Different viruses cause viral fever, but the most common are respiratory viruses. Due to the erratic change of weather, favourable conditions for the reproduction of the virus are created. The manifestations of viral fever, if subjective, will think that it is just a common cold, so many people often neglect treatment and care. So how to identify cases of viral fever? We invite you to read through the analysis below.

List the manifestations of viral fever in adults.

The following signs indicate that a person is suffering from a viral fever attack:

  • High fever: this is the most obvious sign to recognize viral fever. In the beginning, the patient will have a slight fever. Then the temperature will rise from 39 – 40 degrees Celsius. Madness cannot be ignored because it can lead to dangerous complications. Therefore, if you have a high fever, you need to find a way to reduce the fever as quickly as possible;
  • Fatigue: Adults with viral fever often appear sluggish and tired. When the virus invades, it will cause the body to fall into an unbalanced state, leading to very uncomfortable fatigue;
  • Whole-body aches: when the body has a fever, fatigue, it will lead to muscle aches, even body aches;
  • Headache: usually appears after signs of high fever and body aches. At this time, the patient should be resting, mending, and avoiding vigorous activity;
  • Difficulty breathing, stuffy nose: In addition to symptoms such as high fever, fatigue, aches, and pains, the patient also has unusual signs of the respiratory tract such as cough, runny nose. Nasal secretions can clog the nasal cavity and lead to difficulty breathing;
  • The appearance of lymph nodes: When the virus attacks the respiratory tract, small lymph nodes appear in the neck and head. If palpated by hand, the presence of these nodes can be felt;
  • Rash, rash on the skin: usually 2-3 days after the fever, the body will have a red inflammation. This phenomenon is because the body has a high fever for many days, maintaining a high body temperature, causing the skin to appear tiny red spots scattered throughout the parts. This is typical among the manifestations of viral fever in adults;
  • Painful eyes: when having a viral fever, the patient may feel burning, pain in the eyeball, and a red look, making the patient very uncomfortable.
List the manifestations of viral fever in adults

List the manifestations of viral fever in adults.

Thus, viral fever, in general, has quite similar symptoms to the common cold. However, cases of viral fever will have a longer time, and the level of fatigue is also much more severe. Find yourself or someone in your family showing symptoms of a viral fever as above. You should take the initiative to go to the hospital for timely examination and treatment.

What complications can patients with viral fever face?

Viral fever is a common illness and can occur at any age. Usually, after 7-10 days of the disease, the patient will completely recover. However, if there is no appropriate and timely treatment, it will leave serious complications. Here are the dangerous complications that patients should pay close attention to and not be subjective:

  • Pneumonia: this is a severe complication when adults have a viral fever. Once it has turned into pneumonia, it will create conditions for the viral fever to spread in the community and be difficult to control quickly;
  • Laryngitis: viral fever causes swelling, narrowing of the patient’s larynx. As a result, the patient has stridor, difficulty breathing, which interferes with the oxygen supply to the body. In severe cases, it is necessary to support the patient to live with oxygen promptly;
  • Brain complications: this is considered the most dangerous complication for viral fever in adults. This complication is more likely to occur in younger children. Symptoms may be: convulsions, then falling into a deep coma. If delay in treatment can leave serious sequelae, even life-threatening;
  • Myocarditis, arrhythmia, or even cardiac arrest: in many cases, after the viral fever is gone, complications can still occur, the body has not yet recovered from fatigue, and heart attacks appear due to myocarditis. Arrhythmia, in some cases cardiac arrest, leads to fainting, coma.
manifestations of viral fever in adults and effective treatment 1

What complications can patients with viral fever face?

How to effectively treat viral fever in adults?

There is no specific drug to treat viral fever in adults, but only symptomatic relief with drugs and supportive methods. Depending on the condition of the person with viral fever, the doctor will prescribe the appropriate treatment.

Therapeutic measures to support symptomatic relief for patients with viral fever may be:

  • Antipyretic: To avoid complications due to prolonged high fever, patients need to receive antipyretic treatment quickly. The most common medicine to reduce fever is Paracetamol or other drugs that can be used but must follow the instructions and dosage prescribed by the doctor. In addition, it should be combined with warm compresses (not ice packs);
  • Make sure the body is always full of water: the body will fall into a state of dehydration due to high fever, so it is necessary to drink rehydration to keep the body awake;
  • Avoid wind, maintain a balanced body temperature: the patient needs to stay in a room with a warm temperature, clothes that are comfortable, cool, and sweat-absorbent. Do not go out into the wind and do not let the room temperature be much lower than body temperature;
  • Clean body: can be cleaned by wiping with a towel dipped in warm water to prevent superinfection;
  • Diet: should eat vegetables and fruits with a lot of Vitamin C, soft foods that are easy to digest so that the body still has energy, increasing resistance against viruses.

Viral fever is quite capable of being re-infected at any age. Therefore, each person should be conscious of proactively applying measures to prevent this disease, maintain a healthy lifestyle, stay away from harmful agents, have a healthy diet, and if developing If you have symptoms of viral fever, you need to see a doctor to be detected and treated correctly, to avoid serious complications later.

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