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Wrist Trainer Ball

Wrist Trainer Ball

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Enhance your wrist strength and improve forearm fitness with the Wrist Trainer Ball. The gyro ball utilizes gyroscopic resistance to strengthen your wrist and forearm muscles. With an auto-start feature, simply start rotating your wrist to activate the powerball and begin your workout. A must-have for athletes, musicians, and anyone looking to improve their grip and wrist strength.

Start method:

1. You can hang the noose on your wrist first. Prevent it from slipping off

2. Push in the direction of the arrow indicated by the sphere.

3. When you feel resistance. Fingers away. Let the sphere rotate.

4. Can perform wrist activities. Follow the rotation strength and direction of the ball for training.


1 No light type

2. Multi-colored lighting styles

3. Colorful lights


1. Strengthen fingers, wrists, hands, forearms, shoulders and biceps. It also helps to promote coordination and blood circulation.

2. Can be used for decompression training. Wrist soreness caused by boredom or work. You can use it. This is a good choice. Wrist rehabilitation training. Wrist training.

3. Small size, compact and portable, can be carried with you. It's easy to start with the rope. There is a flashing LED light, all you need to do is to increase the speed by rotating the wrist movement and keep it synchronized with the rotation of the ball. Can reach the level of exercising the wrist.

4. The shell material is polycarbonate and silica gel. The handle part is very good because it helps the gyro ball not to loosen from your hand. If you are really worried about the gyro ball flying away, you can attach it to your wristband.

5. The interior is made of zinc alloy. Don't worry about its quality.

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