What is the cause of back pain? Dangerous disease?

Back pain can occur at any age but is most common in the elderly. Severe back pain makes it difficult for patients to function, reducing their quality of life. So what are the causes of back pain? Is this condition dangerous? Please find the answer in the article below.

How much does back pain affect health?

Back pain is one of the most common musculoskeletal problems. The lumbar region is subject to a lot of pressure for the body to perform postures such as turning, carrying. As the body ages, the lower back may also suffer the most.

Back pain is not a dangerous disease, but it seriously affects the patient’s daily life. Patients often have difficulty in most movement. They have limited ability to do manual labour. When moving and moving, the patient must also be prudent to avoid the pain getting worse.

What is the cause of back pain? Dangerous disease?

What is the cause of back pain? Dangerous disease?

Stability. Cases of back pain at night make patients very miserable. They have trouble sleeping, lose sleep because their back hurts a lot. This condition lasts for a long time, making the patient extremely tired because of lack of sleep, loss of concentration, impaired memory. Some studies even show that people with back pain will have a higher risk of depression than the average person because they are always in a state of depression, lose interest in many things in life, and lose weight.

Besides, back pain is also one of the reasons why married life is no longer salty. When a wife or husband has back pain, they often avoid sex and cause-specific effects on married life.

When back pain occurs regularly but the patient is subjectively not going to the doctor, making the disease not diagnosed and treated in time will lead to dangerous complications. Some specific complications include weakness of the muscles of the lower extremities, numbness, loss of sensation in both legs, and loss of mobility. More serious when the nerve is pinched, causing disturbances in the control of urination. In these cases, the patient requires longer-term treatment, and the cost of treatment is also higher, putting pressure on the patient and the family.

Causes of back pain

There are many causes of back pain, but the main reasons can be divided into the following groups:

Due to illness

Herniated Disc: This is a prevalent joint disease. Patients may experience pain from the lumbar spine, radiating down the buttocks, down the back of the thigh, to the front of the leg, and down to the foot.

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Causes of back pain

Spondylolisthesis: The older you are, the more likely you are to develop lumbar spondylosis. Back pain often occurs, even because the pain is too much; the patient also changes gait, the back is stooped.

Osteoporosis: When the pain occurs in the spine, lumbar, pelvis, hip bones.

Arthritis: In cases where arthritis occurs in the lower back or tailbone area, the patient may also have a lot of back pain.

Kidney stones: Patients with kidney stones may also experience severe pain in the lower back. Initially, these pains will appear in the two lumbar fossae; then, the pain may spread to the abdomen and thighs of the patient.

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Kidney stones

Some spinal cord injury cases can also cause back pain from mild to severe: Injuries can be caused by work accidents or by playing sports, etc.

Due to unscientific living habits

Lifestyle is also a significant factor that affects your health. Here are some bad habits that cause you a lot of back pain:

Sitting too much: Due to the nature of work, you have to sit too much, leading to increased pressure on the hips and buttocks. The spine is under pressure to keep the back straight. But if stretched, the back will be overloaded and painful.

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Due to unscientific living habits

Sleeping in the wrong position: Some habits of sleeping on the stomach, lying on the side, crooked, head not straight with the neck, are also the causes of increased pressure on the spine. Therefore, you should get rid of this habit. Instead, choose a sleeping position on your back, keeping your back straight to protect the joint system in general and reduce back pain in particular.

Some treatments for back pain

When there are signs of back pain, you should go to the doctor to get an accurate diagnosis of the disease to give appropriate treatment regimens. Do not be subjective because, most likely, back pain is a manifestation of some severe illness.

The patient can be treated with several drugs. Simultaneously combined with physical therapy and rehabilitation methods to improve spinal pain. In addition, patients also need to practice and maintain a scientific lifestyle to protect the spine.

For more severe pain cases, patients need to lie down in place and wear a lumbar support belt if they need to sit up or walk. It can be combined with acupuncture, infrared light. As the pain subsides, the patient will gradually increase their activity level.

Surgery may be indicated in severe cases when the patient does not respond well to medical treatments. This method should not be abused, only applied when necessary.

To avoid a lot of back pain, you need to sit and work with the correct posture, sleep in the proper posture, avoid carrying heavy loads, not rotate the lumbar region much, regularly exercise to exercise and maintain a reasonable weight

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